All our sales are de  nitive. Each order implies the purchaser’s full acceptance of the sales terms and conditions here presented.

All of our prices are showed excluding taxes, customs fees, insurance and freight costs and departure from the head of ce in Béziers - FRANCE. The packaging of the goods presented in our catalogue cannot be changed.

All our invoices are indicate in € (Euro) on base of our rates and catalogues. Invoiced goods will not be returned or refunded. The only possible option is a trade exchange with the previously agreement of the Private Limited Company H. MAHEO. In all cases, the sum of the goods already invoiced will remain to be fully paid.

The advertising accessories for our products (plastic, metal or cardboard display boxes) delivered with the goods, invoiced or left at the purchaser’s disposal, will not have to be in use, in any case, with a purpose different from the presentation of the products commercialized by the Private Limited Company H.MAHEO.

Delivery dates are provided purely as a guideline. The current order may be delivered in several installments, depending on the availability of the products ordered. The transport freights of the remainder orders will be on charge of the buyer.

Our goods are sent at the recipient’s risk and it is the recipient’s responsibility to check on reception, the condition, the number of products and the weight of the parcel, and when necessary to express their reservations or claims to the shipping company, the only responsible.

In general terms, the Private Limited Company H.MAHEO shall not be responsible for the delays or damages due to strikes, forced closure, riots, war, natural disaster or other circumstances that may disturb the normal course of deliveries.

In case of export, goods shall systematically be sold EXWORKS INCOTERMS BEZIERS - FRANCE.

Any complaint must be sent by registered letter to our company head of  ce within 48 hours after the reception of the goods.

As soon as we will receive a complaint, we will commit to replace or refund the goods, at our discretion, if the sending goods are not in accordance with or are affected by a hidden defect, excluding all the damages.

Any exchange must be approved by our company which will previously deliver to the buyer a returning form accepted and signed. Unsold goods will not be taken back or exchanged.

All of our products are covered by the legal guarantee (form or manufacturing defect) provided that the purchaser has made a normal use of the product and the maintenance guidelines have been followed.

Our society cannot take responsibility for the damage or smash of the glasses of the used frames, neither of the damaged frames during the assembly process, disassembly or adjustment in the workshops of the customer.

No warranty is given in case of damage resulting from improper treatment with detergents, solvent or abrasive products. We never change an article because it is used or worn out because of the time.

In extraordinary cases, our company may provide 1 spare part per frame reference and per client during 24 months for optical frames and 12 months for sunglasses after the date of invoice. The transport cost will be in charge for the DOM TOM Countries CEE and Export. The spares parts could be ordered by email, telephone or fax. In any case, the company will not provide the full frames, besides the legal guarantee. We don’t supply accessories secondary items for frames like screws, nose pads, demo lenses or tips.

All our goods are due and payable in full immediately upon receipt. However, in accordance with the conditions outlined below, in certain circumstances, in particular only for the metropolitan French customers, the delayed payment can be accepted. In this case, the credit conditions will be speci  ed on the invoice and should be agreed in advance with the managers of the Private Limited Company H.MAHEO. The customer should ensure this arrangement with their bank. In case of rejection of the Letter of Credit, the increased bank charges and the recovery fees regarding the unpaid invoices will be the customer’s responsibility. Payment terms will then be modi ed and the goods shall be paid in advance. Advance or cash payment shall not give the client the right to a discount.

All of the goods shipped to the CEE and worldwide (except France), must to be paid in advance by bank deposit or credit card after the sending of a pro forma invoice.

In all the cases, we are entitled to request customers for payment in advance before shipment. In the case of payment by bank transfer, all fees of the bank transaction shall be paid by the client. The property of the delivered goods is reserved for us until the complete payment of the price within the framework of the law N 80-335 of 12th Mai 1980. In the case of delayed payment, the purchaser shall be in charge of an interest equal to 3 times to the legal rate calculated from the original date on which payment was due. Any unpaid invoice will inevitably lead to a complete interruption of the shipment of the corresponding goods and spare parts.

Goods in the possession of the purchaser that are presumed unpaid may be recovered by the Private Limited Company H.MAHEO without prejudice to any legal action to recover damages and interest.

All argue concerning the validity, the interpretation or the execution of this contract shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Commercial Court of Béziers - France.

Any dispute relating to the validity of the assessment or performance of this contract shall be responsible exclusive of the commercial court of Béziers France ( 34 ) .